Watch: Fastest Super Mario Bros. speedrun in history

Ben Bowman


How long did it take you to beat Super Mario Bros. the first time? A few months? Maybe you’re an incredible gamer and you figured it out in a few weeks. And once you beat it the first time, what’s your personal record for whipping through the game?

Super Mario

A speedrunner named Kosmic just torched through the game in 4 minutes and 55 seconds. It’s a new world record! Don’t believe us? Watch in awe:

On Reddit, users deduced that Kosmic was just one button-press behind the fastest-possible way to play the game.

Seriously, watch this again. Look how close Mario comes to dying at the hands of a fireball or a hungry plant. Kosmic’s nimble fingers and good luck helped Mario rescue the princess in less time than most commercial breaks.

The history of Super Mario speedruns is a long one. Watch this video to see how dedicated gamers have mastered the art.

Will anyone ever complete the game under 4:55? Never say never.

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